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Ted Outerbridge has been hailed by critics as “the most successful professional magician in Canada” and “a champion of magic.” Performing professionally since 1982, Ted Outerbridge has been featured in theatres from coast to coast and on both sides of the Atlantic, where he set box office records with his tours Illusions, Magician Extraordinaire, Magical Moments in Time, and The Time Capsule Tour.

Ted was born on Christmas Eve, 1963 in Montreal, Canada. His magical obsession began very early, and by age 12 he was performing at neighbourhood birthday parties for $5.00 a show. At 18 he made his international debut – and front-page headlines – with performances in Bermuda. This early success, combined with single-minded focus and relentless determination, has made the art of illusion his lifelong career.

Ted has done everything from materializing Fortune 500 executives, to consulting for the Cirque du Soleil, to creating the magic for the movie Switching Channels starring Kathleen Turner and Christopher Reeve. He has made over 100 television appearances, from Much Music to The Discovery Channel’s Mystery Hunters, and on his own TV special Magic with Ted Outerbridge. Ted’s dry sense of humor has resulted in return bookings at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, his charisma has led to repeat appearances on Princess Cruises ships, and his mastery of the art of grand illusion has enabled him to perform at the SkyDome in Toronto as well as televised pre-game shows for the National Hockey League.

In 1999 Ted hired Marion Hinz as a dancer and lead assistant. Marion quickly became an integral part of the show, and eventually she became Ted’s partner, on and off the stage. In 2006, Ted and Marion celebrated the ultimate magical moment in time when they were married in Düsseldorf, Germany. The chemistry between Ted and Marion onstage is phenomenal, and it’s clear that they are having the time of their lives in their performances of signature illusions such as “Time Machine,” “Tango Flotanta,” “The Sword Basket” and “A Lady Divided.”

Acclaimed for his innovative style, Ted Outerbridge has been recognized by his peers, being named Stage Magician of the Year and winning the Tom Auburn Award for magical excellence. Most recently, he and Marion were awarded the B.C. Touring Council’s 2010 Touring Artist of the Year Award and the Ontario Contact 2011 Award of Excellence.

Ted has lectured on the art of magic, show business and illusion design to audiences as diverse as magicians, theatre professionals, and business executives. He is literally a textbook example of his craft, appearing in high school textbooks to illustrate how our sense of vision can be misleading. His innovative levitation techniques made the front page of MIT’s Technology Review, and his businesslike approach to show business led to a front-page article in The Montreal Gazette’s Business section.

“The experience of wonder should come from the heart, not a magic store catalogue,” Ted explains. When he is not performing, he devotes much of his time to designing and creating his own personal style of high-tech illusions.