Somewhere in North Vancouver’s Centennial Theatre lies a time capsule, locked up tight and hidden from the curious eyes of the public.

Because inside the capsule is something so magical — so utterly mystifying — that staff at the theatre can’t possibly risk having it fall into the wrong hands. It’s a list.

To be precise, it’s a list of items that North Shore residents would choose to put in a time capsule, if they were asked.

The catch? They haven’t been asked yet.

This Sunday, renowned illusionist Ted Outerbridge will perform at Centennial Theatre as part of his new “Time Capsule Tour.”

As the tour’s name suggests, Outerbridge will quiz the audience for suggestions of items that should be inside the capsule.

He will then open the sealed tomb on stage to reveal the predictions he made weeks ago.

The trick has only been performed a handful of times, but so far his predictions have been bang on, Outerbridge says.

“It’s all about inspiring wonder... a fantastic emotion that we don’t experience enough in our day-to-day lives,” says Outerbridge via telephone, on a tour stopover in Salmon Arm.

“Bringing people together to experience wonder is the ultimate buzz for me.”

Outerbridge has been performing illusions since he was just a young child growing up in Montreal.

In the past few decades, Outerbridge has been fortunate enough to bring his show to communities across Canada and the U.S. He’s had some big gigs — including the Just for Laughs comedy festival, pre-game shows for the NHL, and a performance at Toronto’s SkyDome — but he and his wife, Marion, say they still really enjoy the intimacy of smaller performances because it allows them to interact more with the audience.

“The show is all about the audience. It’s very interactive,” he says. “It’s exciting for us, because it means that every show is different.”

And their enthusiasm shows. In 2010 the couple was named Touring Artist of the Year by the BC Touring Council.

In addition to the time capsule trick, Outerbridge says North Vancouver residents can expect a mixed bag of illusions at this weekend’s show — everything from time travel to comedy to sawing his wife in half.

“Our show is a combination of illusions and day-to-day life,” he says. “I’m really looking forward to it. My whole life is dedicated to 90 minutes on stage with a new audience.” North Shore Outlook - The wonder years

Ted and Marion Outerbridge take the stage at Centennial Theatre on Sunday (Mar. 6) at 2 p.m.NORTH SHORE OUTLOOK, March 3, 201

Tickets ($22) are still available through the box office at 604-984-4484 or online at

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