Islanders moved their clocks forward two weeks ago but magician Ted Outerbridge will be turning them back tonight.

Outerbridge brings his Magical Moments in Time illusion show to the Confederation Centre of the Arts mainstage tonight at 7 p.m.

He sold out the mainstage theatre during his last visit to Charlottetown three years ago.

Part of his new show involves Outerbridge climbing into his seven-foot high alarm clock and turning back time.

“It’s very much a family show,” Outerbridge said in an interview Thursday. “The concept is time so they will witness time travel.”

He can also predict the future, but when asked which NHL team would win the Stanley Cup this year, he was noncommittal.

“That I can’t give away right now, I’m negotiating a deal with a talk show,” he deadpanned.

His wife, Marion, whom he met when he hired her as a dancer for his magic show eight years ago, assists Outerbridge. In tonight’s show, the audience will see Marion climb into a television and disappear.

On Thursday, the illusionist conducted a workshop for the Confederation Centre’s March break art camp group.

He taught the children the first rope trick he learned as a child and how to magically make something as simple as an elastic jump from the index and middle finger on one hand to the other two fingers.

“Cooooool,” said seven –year-old Maddy Coles when the trick worked for her.

Maybe Maddy will turn into a magician someday. It was at the age of seven that Outerbridge, now 43, first started thinking about magic.

“When I was 12 I was “Magic Ted” performing at birthday parties so I’ve basically been performing for 31 years,” he said. “When I first performed this rope trick and fooled my dad, that felt really good. It inspired me to continue with this career choice.”