From a Victorian frock coat designed at the Shaw Festival to a medieval costume designed by legendary CBC costume designer Peter de Castell, the costumes in OUTERBRIDGE – Clockwork Mysteries are designed to illustrate the progression through different time periods. The show is very fast-paced and physical, so the choice of materials is as important as the lines of the garments; both are designed to ensure that Ted and Marion’s freedom of movement is never impeded. Marion wears 18 different costumes during the 90-minute performance.

The costumes are an extension of the performers, they are part of the magic, and in some cases they are the magic: the audience literally gasps when Marion switches into a completely new costume in the blink of an eye. This quick-change costume took three years to design and perfect. When Ted travels to the 1960s to impersonate a game show host, his Mirror Ball jacket sets the tone. It is made from over 3000 mirror tiles and weighs over 35 pounds.